Mr. Death: Detached From Life


By Albert Mansour

A new name in Swedish Death Metal, Mr. Death is here with there first full length debut album which contains two ex-members who used to be in Tiamat and Treblinka, namely Jörgen Thullberg on bass and Stefan Lagergren on guitar. Mr. Death has an awesome concept of horror movie image and sound behind Detached From Life. The first thing I thought by listening to this was “Entombed”. The comparisons are inevitable. The guitar sound is so old school Swedish its Crazy. However, unlike Entombed, the vocals on this release are much more brutal, although the guitars and drums have that raw sound. There is no filler material here, my favorite songs are “Black Blood,” “Death vs. The Living dead” and “Evil Undisputed . The sound quality and production are surprisingly good, the guitars sound incredible. The pace of this album is perfect, fast but not too fast, and very heavy but also with a raw finish to each track, Adding to the stuff I have already said about their music, “Detached From Life” reminds me so much of the later set of Dismember albums, or even Unleashed, but with the major difference that this cd is 32 minutes long and the album contains not a single bad song! Perhaps it is to their advantage that they made an album that short in length that would fit to the vinyl format, and skipping the fillers, leaving only KILLER material. There is even a vinyl edition limited to 500 copies! Mr. Death will appeal to old school Death metal follows of Dismember, Grave and Entombed and is definitely worth searching out.

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(Agonia Records)

Rating: 8.5

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