Genitorturers: Blackheart Revolution


By Melissa Andrews

After listening to Blackheart Revolution I’m rather disappointed I didn’t make it to see them when they played lived in Toronto recently. It’s not a revolution but it’s fun and with songs named “Louder” and “Kabangin’ All Night” it promotes all sort of the standard metal indulgences. With the first single to be released entitled “Cum Junkie,” debauchery is obviously a theme.

Front woman Gen shows on some of the tracks that she does have the vocal capabilities of your typical more feminine singers but this is a woman who knows how rock. There’s just the perfect amount of keyboards and electronic noises to add that extra bit to the guitar driven tracks. There are a few songs such as “Vampire Lover” which would lend them to be remixed for a more industrial sound.

The songs are straight ahead enough that almost any of them could be singles. In metal sometimes saying an album is pop sounding is a bad thing but in this case the easily accessible “pop sound” is a good thing. It’s referring to the fact the songs are fun, memorable and good if you want to listen to something you can dance to.

(MVD Media)

Rating: 8.0

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