Brutal Truth – Evolution In One Take:For Grindfreaks Only! Volume 2

BrutalTruth FGO! 2

By Sean Palmerston

After the success of their first For Grindfreaks Only! release in 2008 (for those unfamiliar it contains a late nineties set recorded live in the studio for a New Zealand radio program), Hellbound’s favourite THC-fueled grinders have decided to do it again, albeit with a slight twist second time around. While the first volume found the band in the midst of their Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom tour cycle, the band played a varying set in the studio that day, taking music from different releases. For this new FGO! Volume 2, the band instead blasts their way through their latest album Evolution Through Revolution in one sitting. And when we say blast, what we really mean is annihilate. While there may not have been much of an audience for them when they ran through the album’s entirety in Dan from Total Fucking Destruction’s studio, the band shows no lack of intensity here. Recorded on an off-day in between shows on a tour that saw the quartet open with the new album played in its entirety, here they are captured in all their blinding glory hammering through song after song. It’s not perfect, there are definite missed notes here and there (although not as many as you’d think), but throw this thing on some good headphones and close your eyes and it’s like having your own private basement/squat show with the band. This is fun stuff, but as the title implies, it really is for grindfreaks only. Not the best place to try and discover the band for the first time, but an absolute must for a BT fanatic like myself. Also worth noting – this is limited to 2000 copies, so it won’t be around forever either.

Now how about a vinyl version too – please?



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