Current Playlist: Bruce Franklin of Trouble

Bruce Franklin of Trouble

Trouble’s guitarist Bruce Franklin’s runs down his current playlist:

“Other than old stuff, which is mostly what I listen to, the most recent more current thing is Victor Griffin, Late for an Early Grave. For anybody who doesn’t know who that is, he was guitar player in Pentagram / Death Row in the 80s and now has his own solo band called Place of Skulls. This cd that I’m talking about wasn’t even released as Place of Skulls – it was just released under his name as a solo artist. I think he maybe played all the instruments or something. Classic heavy rock stuff.

Deep Purple’s always a great stand by for me. Captain Beyond I like listening to. The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, and for people who don’t know who that is, it’s the song “Fire” that people recognize. That’s one of my favourite albums even though there’s no guitar on it. It’s Hammond organ, bass guitar, drums, vocals, and no guitar. And I still love it ’cause it’s just a heavy vibe, like the Deep Purple sound minus the guitar. I listen to Alice Cooper, Nazareth – all that good stuff from the 70s.

“A couple other bands I like – I wouldn’t call them new but not like 70s or 80s bands – are Type O Negative, and I like Spiritual Beggars. And when we were touring with Pentagram, they played a couple new songs and I liked what I heard out of that, which will be their new record, I suppose.”

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