My return to radio starts TONITE!

What a long, strange trip it’s been.  I still remember the first Saturday in March, showing up to the CKLN studio and finding that I couldn’t get in cuz the access card scanners were turned off.  For a while, the station was in limbo, until an ultimatum from Ryerson got the ball rolling again.

Except for me.  I was passed over in the restoration of previous programming, my application papers having mysteriously disappeared.  For a while, I was ready to burn/destroy all CKLN clothing and paraphernalia in my possession, until I got a phone call the other nite, asking me to occupy the 1-3 am Saturday nite timeslot on a “four-week probationary basis.”  Whatever that means…

For me, it feels like falling off a cliff and landing on a giant trampoline.  Airing 12-2 on Wednesdays wasn’t bad, but I lost count of how many people told me “Man, I wish I could catch your show, but I gotta work the next day…” Well, I pity the fool who has to work Sundays.  For me, 1 o’clock on Saturday nite is prime-time, baby!

Thing is, I had long ago purchased tickets to see Priestess, Early Man and Trigger Effect at Lee’s this evening.  According to the Palace website, the headliner’s scheduled to go on at midnite, which means I’ll hafta leave early in order to make it to the station on time.  Tis a sacrifice (no pun intended) I’ll hafta make, so I’m hoping they pack a lotta rock into that first half hour of their set…

You can certainly expect to hear from the three aforementioned bands on Smokin’ Green, along with updated gig listings for the Toronto stoner rock scene, complete with tunes from local bands.   You’ll also get a healthy helping of sludge, as well.  You can never have enough sludge, can you?

Be sure to tune in at 1 am on 88.1 fm on yer radios, channel 947 on yer TVs, or on yer computers!  I’m in the process of putting together my playlist, but future requests can be made on the resurrected Smokin’ Green board at THTGIR.

Catch ya tonite!



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