Merauder: God Is I


By Ola Mazzuca

I have decided to put myself in the position of an angst-ridden, energetic teen who absolutely thrives in a whirlwind of moshpits, stage dives and the power evoked by extreme music. Oh wait, that’s exactly the position I’m in every day! But because I am not frequently delving into the world of American hardcore, I was hoping to find something intriguing on this album that I can grasp.

Brooklyn, NY’s Merauder bring forth God Is I, a hardcore album that is not too extravagant or chaotic. With strong musicianship and relevant lyrics, the band still manages to produce something solid.

The record begins with “Until”, a fantastic way to start off the album adding chugging riffs and vocals that are harsh, almost hitting the guttural mark at times. The Hatebreed-esque “Built on Blood” and the cleverly titled “Gangsta” set the overall tone for the album while “Ahora” is a clear reflection of the band’s Latin roots.

With an opening solo, moderate tempo, and heavy bass “Never Surrender” is the closing track that is powerful yet basic and is nothing short of what hardcore should sound like.

After listening to God Is I, I have realized my level of unfamiliarity with HC music and the scene involved and I am neither ashamed nor proud. Even though this is not an album I would choose to listen to consecutively, it certainly is not a bad one. Merauder wanted to express their resilience on this album, and it showed. Hails to them.



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