Deiphago: Filipino Antichrist

By Kevin Stewart-Panko

I’m gonna admit it, what initially drew me to even bothering to check out this band was the title Filipino Antichrist. Whether you’re down with the supposedly evil side of this statement or, like me, thought such a declaration to be awesome in its hilariousness, you have to admit it’s an eye-catcher that makes this latest work from this little band of little dudes from the Philippines (since relocated to Costa Rica, of all places) stand out.

If you’re looking for a sweet musical ride, then you’re definitely come to the wrong place. Deiphago has been around for almost 20 years now and a more cynical, less forgiving me would probably chastise them for sounding like the bowels of hell opening up and having Hades’ archangels and demons chase me down a south side Chicago alleyway, or at least having not entirely learned the first thing about their instruments lo these many years, but my personal life has taken a few hits over the past couple of weeks and random passers-by should count their lucky stars I’ve been able to sublimate my anger through the unexpected calming influence “Christ Eater,” “Satan, Semen and Blood” and “Satanic Metal” provide. It’s like there are guitars, bass, drums and vocals, but I don’t really hear any discernible guitar riffs, though guitarist Sidapa constructs the most atonal leads you’ll ever hear, the drums are seemingly random scattershots of violent mayhem. I don’t actually hear any bass, but there are vocals and Voltaire 666 comes across like the only man living in Costa Rica who’s pissed off at the opportunity to go to the beach and swim in the ocean everyday.

Overall, this banshee-stabbing outfit are the Satanic missing link between John Zorn’s Painkiller and Portal, only with 137% more virgin violation and angel rape to their theoretical credit. And hey, if you’re not feeling particularly like cuddling with hell’s servants, this can effectively be used to clear out any lingering party guests and family members who won’t take the hint to get out, especially come Christmas time.

(Hells Headbangers)




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