Scar Symmetry: Dark Matter Dimensions


By Rob Kachluba

Album number four sees Scar Symmetry without their original main singer who had been with the band since the beginning and was one of the main reasons that made this band so special. His great clean melodies and harsh death vocals that made them stick out of the pack from all of the other hybrid melodic death metal bands of the early 2000s. Now one would think this would be the end of this band but instead they have enlisted not one but two vocalists. A relatively unheard approach until now, one takes care of just clean vocals while the other does the growls. The new clean guy sounds a lot like Christian in the melodies to the point where you may not even be able to tell the difference. The main problem with this band is after their storming debut album, the last few albums (including this new one) sound like the album they made two albums ago. It is nowhere near being a bad album at all, it’s just I have heard this same CD like three times now. The solid riffing with strong vocal melodies and choruses plus hum-able verses is great but if you are looking for something more demanding this is unfortunately not where it is at.

(Nuclear Blast)


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