Necrophobic: Satanic Blasphemies


By Ola Mazzuca

What is that grim, anti-Christian, demonic, vile sound emerging from my speakers? Why is my neighbor abruptly closing their window? The number of words that can be used to describe the sound of Necrophobic and their lamentations are endless.

Satanic Blasphemies is a collection of tracks from nineties demos Slow Asphyxiation, Unholy Prophecies and the 7” EP The Call. Nine tracks of classic death metal that evoke much ‘grandfather’-esque influence on bands making their mark today.

As “Slow Asphyxiation” introduces the album, I feel a sudden urge to put on my leather jacket and combat boots. It is not hard to spot out the similarities of each track as the swift death metal guitar chugs along leading to a whirlwind of thrash moments exemplified on “Realm of Terror”, “Retaliation” and “Unholy Prophecies”.

It’s the ultimately retro feel of “The Ancients Gate” that inspires you to picture an early underground Necrophobic show. It’s the whiplash you receive in your neck after swinging your precious little head to “Father of Creation”. It’s the double bass drumming and Stefan Zander’s old-school death growl ringing through your ears that leaves you yearning for more.

Satanic Blasphemies is a great compilation to showcase the band’s best portfolio of work. It is not something to think too critical of or to seek certain mistakes to scrutinize but more of a good listen that motivates you to reflect on an unrefined, yet enjoyable sound and to recognize Necrophobic as one of the many innovators of a specific movement.



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