Sacrifice: The Ones I Condemn

Sacrifice: The Ones I Condemn

by Rob Kachluba

Forget all of your cardboard cutout third division skidthrash bands that have been popping up all over the place in the last few years, Sacrifice has returned to show how it is done, period. These Canadian thrash icons have come back after sixteen years of hibernation to create what is possibly the best work of their career. Opening track “The Ones I Condemn” is blisteringly moving: you can just hear the sincerity in their delivery. The whole album is chock full of simple but effective monster riffs that pummel you into submission. The way they write riffs is undeniably Sacrifice and album cuts like “Hiroshima,” “Atrocity,” “The Great Wall” (my personal fave) and the title track just reek of being future classics and soon to be live staples no less. Rob Urbinati sounds as venomous as ever and has actually gotten better with his audible deliver. The organic production is also refreshing – no triggers or sampled bullshit here, just undeniable pure thrash fury.

I have the Limited edition that comes with some bonus 2009 recordings of “Burnt at the Stake” and “The Entity.” It also contains two additional live tracks from their Day Of The Equinox festival appearance in Toronto from 2007. This limited edition is only available by mailorder from the Brazilian label that released it there, Marquee Records. Really, The Ones I Condemn is my top thrash album of 2009 and it’s an album you need to hear as soon as possible. It’s that good.

(Marquee Records)


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