Nadja / Black Boned Angel: s/t


By Melissa Andrews

Nadja / Black Boned Angel is the un-creatively named self-titled album that combines the work of Canadian-born (now relocated to Berlin) doom duo Nadja and Black Boned Angel. What came out of this was two well done tracks that make ambient music that blends into whatever scenery you happen to be observing at the time. I find it goes well with either looking at the city lights at night or playing video games. It doesn’t manage to blend in so much that you forget it’s there but with this feedback filled style of music it’s a little hard to be singing along.

Each song on the album is over 20 minutes long so even with only two songs it’s still a full length project. Track I becomes more experimental sounding the further in the track that you get. Closer to the end the guitars get so dissonant it creates a feeling of either racing or relaxation depending on what you’re looking for at the time. Track II could easily be a sci-fi soundtrack. Even with all the feedback, distortion and weird sounds this is an album that anyone interested in droning, ambient sounding metal should have a listen to.

(20 Buck Spin)


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