Bone Gnawer: Feast Of Flesh


By Rob Kachluba

For me, anything that Massacre/Denial Fiend vocalist Kam Lee is involved with gets me excited and I am very happy to report that this new Bone Gnawer project is no exception. In fact, it is possibly some of his finest work. He has incorporated metal musicians from Sweden’s Ribspreader, Naglfar and Paganizer to put out this horror-filled old school sounding death metal album and it is a great success. Kam Lee is one of my top five favourite death metal vocalists of all time and proves just why here. The band utilizes film dialogue samples from horror classics from the 70s and 80s such as The Last House on the Left and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, while the songs themselves are laced with Floridian styled death metal with groove intermixed nicely with the pounding Swedish death metal sounds from the 90s that the musicians involved are known for. This is an absolute must for fans of Massacre and Denial Fiend but it also stands out on its own as well. Very well done.



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