November’s Doom: Into Night’s Requiem Infernal


By Melissa Andrews

Into Night’s Requiem Infernal is the latest offering from November’s Doom. I loved the band’s previous release The Novella Reservoir so I was greatly anticipating this album. It’s not quite as good but this album is definitely going to be on high rotation on my iPhone for the next little while.

The production on this album is amazing. All the instrumentation is exactly where it should be. The vocals and guitars are done particularly well. The album was recorded in Wisconsin but thanks to technology was mixed by Dan Swano in Sweden so we have him to thank for the excellent sound.

Paul Kuhr’s vocals on the album can be described as darkly romantic, painful and haunting. They go between a gruff death metal style and a melodic almost prog rock style. The lyrics of the majority of songs could be considered in the love songs category. “The Fifth Day of March” is a cheesy ballad with lines such as “Go to her. She needs to know you’re safe. She would walk through fire to hear your voice again”. “Lazarus Regret” and “A Eulogy for the Living Lost” are the highlights of the album.

(The End Records)


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