Augury: Fragmentary Evidence


By Albert Mansour

Montreal’s Augury is describable as Canadian Progressive Death Metal. This band manages to keep the listener’s interest throughout the whole album delivering fresh melodic tunes on their second full length Fragmentary Evidence. Like opening title “Aetheral” and “Simian Cattle,” each song is different and has something completely new to offer. The music is every riff, growl, beat, bass line, keyboard note, and whatever else they use is captured without a flaw. The soft guitar work in particular is really amazing and that’s one of the reasons why this album is so enjoyable. The musicianship is top notch, as always, and the structures of the majority of the tracks are just killer . Fragmentary Evidence is very well written and worth a good listen, loaded with special guests. The artwork and layout was handled by Sven de Caluwé (ABORTED). Augury have finally signed to larger record label, releasing their new album on July 17th in Europe, and today in North America! If you enjoy for example bands such as Opeth or Nahemah that create in the same genre as Augury (progressive death metal) then you can prepare your ears to have multiple orgasms on this one. I highly recommend this CD to anyone who wants a little more than just really fast, brutal songs when they listen to death metal. This album has both of those things, and so so much more. You definitely won’t think it was a waste of time.

(Goodfellow-Canada; Nuclear Blast – rest of world)