My Dying Bride: For Lies I Sire

By Melissa Andrews

For Lies I Sire is the latest release by UK doom stalwarts My Dying Bride. It is the newest offering to feature Aaron Stainthorpe’s romantic dark vocals. I love the violin work that is featured on so many of the tracks; on certain songs it works in a fashion as almost a duet with the main vocals. The guitars have a gothic droning sound that remind me of Black Sabbath. While there is nothing particularly cutting edge on this album, it is still a good listen.While listening to this album I feel like turning off the lights and lighting candles.

Every track presented is an enjoyable listen, but there are a few that I will highlight as my personal favourites. The title track “For Lies I Sire” moves between quiet delicate guitar parts and a heavy chorus. “Shadow Haunt” is another song that really uses different sounds and textures to create atmosphere. The way the violin is used in “Fall with Me” really enhances its mood.

If you have any interest in trying out some gothic metal or are already a fan this album definitely deserves a listen. Its sound is very accessible and could be considered somewhat radio friendly compared to their earlier releases.



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