Black Out: Evil Game

black out

By Albert Mansour

This classic debut album by Holland’s Black Out was originally released by Roadrunner way back in 1984 and surprised many in the metal world with a few very positive reviews written toward this album back in the day. Needless to say, that this band is almost seamlessly connected with the British metal invasion of the early eighties. Black Out can be seen as one of the very few New Wave Of Dutch Heavy Metal bands coming out of Holland . The band unfortunately never managed to get the proper recognition they deserved, but their music definitely passed the test of time. I picked this album up originally back in 1986, and very familiar with this it. I still listen to this album every couple of months; it is one of my 13.000 strong vinyl collection that still gets regular return spins. It won’t be too difficult for NWOBHM maniacs or headbangers that are into bands like Picture, Battleaxe and Chateaux to enjoy this outstanding heavy metal gem, the Stained Class/Hell Bent For Leather-inspired sounds found on this album proves this is a great early eighties classic to be reissued . This current edition is limited to 1000 copies on digi-pak and has been digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on a gold disc. The fine folks at Metal Mind Productions did a top notch work on the re-release of this album. Definitely worth searching out.

(Metal Mind Productions)


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