Ektomorf: What Doesn’t Kill Me…


By Albert Mansour

Ektomorf is a thrash metal band from Hungary started way back in 1994 by the brothers Zoltan (vocals, guitar) and Csaba Farkas (bass). Two years later in 1996 they released their debut album Hangok . They have remained a consistently busy band ever since, having just recently released their tenth CD What Doesn’t Kill Me… . This 13 song album has traces of Sepultura, especially vocally, painted right through the album.

A special appearance by Lloyd Dana Nelson from Stuck Mojo on the track “Sick of it all” is by far the worst song on this cd. It is like a hip hop or rap song – something you’d see on a sunday afternoon on MTV – losing the edge to this album and taking the quality down a few notches. Danish producer and sound engineer Tue Madsen (Autumn Leaves, Aborted, Moonspell) has his fingerprints sodered all over this album, the production definitely has his stamp on it.

The enchanced portion of this cd features a video feature of the making of their video clip “It’s Up To You” plus a downloadable screen saver, a photo slide show and a linkto their web site is really well done. In fact, it is definitely a shame that the musical portion of the album does not stand on the same level as the interactive portion.


(AFM records)


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