Blackguard: Profugus Mortis


By Jonathan Smith

Montreal-based band Blackguard are making their major label debut with Profugus Mortis, an album named in honor of the group’s former identity. The opening track, “Scarlet To Snow” begins with a suitably epic instrumental opening before the rhythm guitars and spiking keyboard melodies kick in at high gear. There is no denying the sheer amount of energy that Blackguard bring to the album, as there is hardly a slow moment. The sounds heard here are not new, as almost all the tricks have been heard before with regard to other folk and pagan metal acts. However, judging from both their sound and their image, this doesn’t seem something that the band would deny. With a track like “This Round’s On Me” coming in as the second song, it’s clear that Blackguard intentionally seem to be aiming for a fun-loving live experience. For those looking for something to take seriously and break molds, it would be wise to look elsewhere. However, for those actively seeking this sort of commercial and glossy folk metal, Profugus Mortis is sure to make you feel right at home.

(Nuclear Blast)


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