Amorphis: Skyforger


By Jonathan Smith

The new album from Finnish band Amorphis fits in perfectly with their recent sound and albums. In fact, Skyforger sounds like it could easily be the third entry in a trilogy that would begin with 2006’s Eclipse and continue on with 2007’s Silent Waters. Vocalist Joutsen brings the same sort of delivery to the new album that he has become known for, mixing clean singing with death growls where appropriate. The opening track “Sampo” sets the mood for the album and by the time that second track “Silver Bride” begins, the Amorphis vibe has been firmly established once again. The prominent lead guitars are back, as are the tone-setting keyboard melodies. However, though its writing is strong and the songs are as catchy and melodic as ever, it’s questionable whether this new album will change any opinions about the band. The familiarity of the sound of Skyforger is its strength for those who have been enjoying the direction that Amorphis has taken; the band certainly seems to be comfortable in their current shoes. For fans, this is definitely something to be celebrated even though it potentially leaves a desire for some renewed broadening of horizons in the future.

(Nuclear Blast USA)


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